Outreachy 2019 – My journey to getting selected !

Hi everyone !!

I am Ananya Arun , an undergraduate from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) . Here I am pursuing a degree in Computer science and have recently finished my second year of study.

So this is my very first blog post and I am brimming with excitement as I write this. On May 6th at 9:30pm, just a few days back, I got to know that I was accepted as an outreachy intern. I was thrilled beyond explanation and so thankful when I saw my name on their website.

How it all started …

I first found out about outreachy after coming to college from a few of my seniors who were outreachy interns themselves. From the time I got to know about open source and different projects of different organizations, I was always fascinated by it and wanted to start contributing to it.

I started my journey with open source last summer when i solved small bugs and documentation related issues in orgs like sugar labs, coala and systers. The joy on seeing my very first PR get merged was so very encouraging and with that it all started 🙂

Picking an organization

I decided to apply for outreachy 2019 since I really enjoyed contributing to open source in the smallest ways possible and working with like minded people in a community. Picking an organization was one of the hardest task for me.

I think for many people this is the hardest thing to do, that is get started. Things are usually overwhelming at the beginning but once you get started there is more clarity to the work you are doing. After a lot of time looking at the organizations and projects listed, I finally decided to contribute to Public Labs.

Contributing to Public Labs

Looking back, I am so glad I chose this !!

From the very first issue I solved on Public lab to mentoring new comers in the organization, creating issues for others to solve and finally drafting my proposal the people of public labs especially my mentors have been so encouraging and supportive !!

I got to learn so much in this application period. I had never really contributed to such a large project before and each time my PR was merged, It felt great to see my bit of the code being reflected on the website used by so many people.

I learnt communicating and working in a huge team and I also got to improve my coding skills. Honestly This experience was and would be worth it even if I had not been selected.


Finally, I would really like to thank all my mentors at Public Labs and outreachy for this great opportunity. I cant wait to get started and am really looking forward to this summer !! 🙂 I strongly encourage all budding aspirants to never be scared to get started or ask questions no matter how trivial they are. Open source organizations are very new comer friendly and this is the right place to start if you love and want to contribute to open source.

Always believe in yourself coz you are no less 🙂

Thank You